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How and where to rent a residence in Sardinia (Sardegna). Holiday in Italy

Sardinia (Sardegna in italian) is a place 'lost between Europe and Africa and belonging nowhere' as D H Lawrence said in 1921. The island's beaches, off the beaten track, are some of the cleanest and less crowded in Europe. Cagliari, the capital is a good place to rent a residence in Sardinia and start to explore other parts of the island.

The resort of Costa Smeralda is a place of luxury and opulence, a six-mile coastline on the island's northeast coast, which has become a jet set paradise: private villas, luxurious holiday villages, 5 stars hotels and residences, huge yachting marinas...
The main town is Porto Cervo, a free playground of the rich. The other favourite place for celebrities is Porto Rotondo, about 10 miles from Olbia international airport.This is the right place if you are looking for nightclubs, bars and posh restaurants. To rent a residence in Costa Smeralda is not suitable to budget travellers who may find a better place in the Spanish tinted port of Alghero.

To rent a residence in Alghero is much more cheap than renting a residence in any other part of Sardinia. Situated on the northwest coast, is one of the most important Sardinia’s tourist centre. The old village of Alghero is a picturesque centre enclosed in a stout girdle of walls, outside of which there is the new town filled with hotels, residence and restaurants. Some of the most beautiful beaches are in this spanish in flavour place: The local cuisine hints of Spain too, and the town is renowned for its excellent seafood. Nightlife is not as crazy as in Costa Smeralda but it's still good: enjoy a glass of red "mirto", a local sweet spirit, watching the sunset from the seafront... Nuoro is another good resort from which to explore the inland and enjoy the traditional village festivals.