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Debt is a problem for many students and while many companies are willing to help struggling people by increasing their repayment periods, this is a very short term solution and most prefer to arrange college loan consolidation to help reduce monthly payments more permanently.
In terms of obtaining that all important consolidation loan, shopping around for the best deal is the key and there are a couple of options available but it is possible that limitations imposed by financial institutions could mean that you could ultimately be unacceptable for their terms of lending.

Undergraduate Private Education Loan

The most suitable loan that is available to students is the Undergraduate Private Education loan, this provides college students up to USD35,000 per academic year which covers any educational expenses and the total allocated over the entire term is USD150,000.

Repayment of the loan does not begin until six months after graduation and one major benefit is that the interest repayments may be tax deductible. It is important to remember that credit checks will need to be undertaken and part of the agreement is that you dont have a bad credit history or it is almost certain that you will end up being turned down.

Bad Credit Applications

If you have been trying your absolute hardest to arrange college loan consolidation with no success then bad credit may be holding you back in terms of trying to consolidate all of your educational debts. It is not the end of the world though; there are companies that can help.

Many people suffer from bad credit and this can cause problems with trying to obtain that all important college loan consolidation funding but if you utilize services of a federal-based company, they dont undertake any credit checks and the biggest benefit of all, student loan consolidation is considered as good debt and will be more appealing to any future lenders.

It is normal for financial companies to charge through the roof for people with adverse credit but some companies will strive to keep the interest rates as low as possible and as long as you dont default from the credit agreement then you will be fine; your wallet and credit rating will thank you.

Loan Calculator

This is a process that can widely help students looking to arrange college loan consolidation. Upon referring to a lenders website, most will have a loan calculator which after working out how much you need, will calculate the interest rate and savings that could be made. This may change due to individual circumstances but it saves going through an entire application process to find out the rate.

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